Certificate Facilitator Training

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The application for the beta Facilitator Training course is now closed. We will open applications again when more facilitators are needed. 

Interested in becoming a CC Certificate facilitator?

To meet the global demand for the CC Certificate course, Creative Commons is proud to begin training for the next cadre of Certificate facilitators, starting January 2019. The CC Certificate Facilitator Training will develop a growing network of qualified professionals who can expertly lead future classes online. This network will be skilled and up-to-date on the latest developments with the CC Certificate and open licensing efforts. Become a facilitator and bring the CC Certificate course to your institution or community!

Creative Commons will pay facilitators $3,000 USD per course they teach, following the training.

We will pilot a 10-person beta training starting January 2, 2019. Applications are now closed for the BETA training. Please note, if you are not accepted for this small cohort, we may keep your name on a list for consideration in the future. 

Training Description

The CC Certificate course requires rigorous attention and time for participants and facilitators. To ensure future facilitators have not just the expertise needed, but the self-awareness, attention to detail, and drive to support participants’ learning, we have made the Facilitator Training quite demanding.

The CC Certificate Facilitator Training is an intensive 11-week online course, which includes a practical apprenticeship with a CC Certificate master instructor. The course includes readings, group work, synchronous and synchronous online discussions, writing assignments and a final project. This course will train you on the practical elements of instruction, such as: 1) grading, and 2) technical platforms & information management needed to lead Certificate courses.

We anticipate facilitators-in-training will spend an average of 6 hours per week on course work, but hours may vary based on the individual.

Beyond the practical training, this course explores how we can apply the ethos of Open in facilitation. Readings and discussions will target inclusivity design, cross-cultural communication, traditional knowledge and cultural appropriations, as well our own biases. You will be encouraged to bring your own experiences to discussion, evaluate your biases, and help CC improve the Certificate course based on these discussions.

Given the work apprenticing for CC master instructors, we will not charge for the Facilitator Training. However, CC will continue to iterate on the Certificate course, and facilitators  will be required to renew their credentials after significant changes to the course are made.

Responsibilities for CC Certificate Facilitators

  • Facilitators must be CC Certificate trained. Facilitators must have meaningful, active engagement in either the Creative Commons Global Network or another open community.
  • CC will publicize course revisions and updates in communications to facilitators but, it is each facilitator’s responsibility to remain up-to-date on the course material and annual revisions.
  • Certification renewal is required after significant changes to the CC Certificate are made (no sooner than two years). Facilitators are responsible for paying the renewal fee. While we cannot confirm a price yet, CC will aim to keep the cost of the renewal fee nominal, covering our associated operational costs for the renewal process.
  • Facilitators must demonstrate a flexibility and a devotion to participants’ learning. They must be aware (and inquisitive) of their own cultural and individual biases—acknowledging their limitations as much as possible. When facilitators do not have answers to participant questions, they must seek expert council from CC HQ.
  • Facilitators are responsible for facilitating Certificate participants’ learning through direct responses in discussion platforms, feedback and reflections on assignments, and personalized attention in virtual meetings. This requires great attention to detail, timeliness, and thoughtfulness.
  • Facilitators will need to be available for virtual meetings, and respond to planning emails and updated logistics.
  • Facilitators must abide by the CC code of conduct.

Anticipated timeline


  • October 31: Application for BETA Facilitator course opened
  • November 19 (12:00 pm EST (UTC -5): Facilitator application closed
    • The application will be open to Certificate graduates who wish to become Certificate facilitators. We will open additional Facilitator Trainings based on need in 2019 and in future years.
  • December 10: Applicants notified about acceptance for BETA Facilitator Training


  • December January 3-March 15: BETA test for Certificate Facilitator Training
  • April-May: course revisions
  • September Facilitator Training (TENTATIVE)