What’s Next for the Certificate Program?

Certificate Logo with colorful dotsCreative Commons is developing the following opportunities for the CC Certificate program.

Certificate Facilitators Training Program (Price $0):

We successfully completed our first Certificate Facilitators Training program in early 2019. We selected CC Certificate graduates passionate about facilitating the Certificate course, starting in 2019. This program entails:

  • Taking, passing, and staying up-to-date on the Certificate modules
  • Successful application and acceptance into the training program
  • Taking and passing a Facilitators module
  • Serving as an apprentice facilitator for one 10-week course
  • Participating in annual content updates

The Certificate Facilitator Training program is available to select CC Certificate graduates who apply and qualify. Because participants will serve as apprentice facilitators for one online course or bootcamp, Creative Commons will waive the fee for the Facilitator module. Upon completion of the training program, participants will be certified as CC Certificate Facilitators and will be eligible to teach the CC Certificate course in coordination with Creative Commons headquarters (CC HQ).

Teaching a CC Certificate Course 

While CC HQ will run all operations and maintain the core CC Certificate content, CC Country Chapters (and/or other authorized partner organizations) seeking to train their country audience on the CC Certificate may do so under the following conditions:

  • Local instructors are trained in the Certificate Instructor Training program (see above).
  • CC Network Chapters coordinate all CC Certificate online courses and bootcamp scheduling and communication with CC HQ.
  • Instructors are paid $3000 USD to instruct a Certificate online course or bootcamp.

Localization and Translation:

If localized content is required (e.g., relevant case studies), a CC Country Chapter may propose the new content to CC HQ. If approved, the new content will be written and maintained by the CC Network Chapter. Localized content will be added as appendices to CC Certificate modules.

CC HQ will facilitate formal translations of the Certificate into different languages. We will have more updates on translation in late 2019.

Additional CC Certificates:

Creative Commons currently offers Certificates for Educators and Librarians. We have plans to offer Certificates for GLAM, Government, and continuing legal education in the future, and will share updates when they are available.


We want to make the CC Certificates available to everyone. We announced the CC Certificate scholarship fund at the 2019 CC Summit. To help grow the number of future scholarships, we will devote a portion of the standard CC Certificate ticket price to the fund. Scholarship offerings will be officially announced when they are available. Please stay in touch for more details.

Open Educational Resources for Informal Learning

  • All CC Certificate content is available under the CC BY 4.0 license, making it open educational resources (OER). All content is downloadable in editable file formats.
  • The OER alone does not yield a CC Certification, but you are welcome to reuse the content to learn informally, and/or remix it for other purposes. If you want the CC Certification, you’ll need to take one of Creative Commons’ formal CC Certificate courses which include facilitator support and assessments.
  • The online, self-paced OER is available to a unlimited number of learners and is, of course, free and open to use.