Being invited to be part of a project with Creative Commons is much like those stories of country kids playing sandlot baseball being called to the play in the Big Leagues.

My role on the project is partly to consult on the technical aspects of the Certification, to help with communications in social media and beyond, and like everyone else, to help design the way these will work.

While my education (Bachelors, Masters, never to be finished PhD) has been in Geology, along the way I fell into the world of computer technology and the internet, not for their own sake, but in that content area. Nearly everything I have learned and built in technology I have learned from others on the internet. It’s always felt right to try and give back.

My employment paths include:

  • Instructional technologist for a faculty development unit at the Maricopa Community Colleges (14 years)
  • Vice President, CTO for the New Media Consortium (5 years)
  • Independent Consultant, web builder, online teaching, presenter, traveler (4 years)

I became aware of Creative Commons from it’s start, and find it mentioned in my presentations and writing at least back to 2002. Some related works include:

My online coordinates include:

I’ve used dogs as my metaphor and model of behavior online since the early 1990s; my current friend is Felix, a rescue dog adopted about the time I started on the project. Dogs are fun, loyal and tenacious. I hope to be the same.

Top / Featured Image: flickr photo by cogdogblog shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

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Technologist, open web advocate, attributes nearly everything, wordpresser, photographer, dog lover, blogging since 2003 at My role on this project is technology development, outward communications, and occasional silly video.