This week’s #CCquest on Twitter is to identify which units of the proposed CORE Creative Commons Certification you or your organization have expertise in or interest to help fill with content.

Paul Stacey recently asked A Community Sourced Credential – Is It Even Possible? including the concept of a six sized cube to represent the elements our team is using as a design for the certification.


You are under no obligation, but we are seeking interest (and questions too) about the units listed for the CORE Creative Commons Certification. It’s likely you may have created training materials for one of them or you may know of organizations that have done this.

We are not asking you to promise to create the units just to help us fill in the sides of the box.

Graphic by Bryan Mathers licensed CC-BY-NC

Graphic by Bryan Mathers licensed CC BY-NC-ND

Quest Number 6

These are the proposed modules for the core of all certifications. Each box is a unit, and has the elements listed on the sides of the cube.

CORE Modules Details

Click to see full details of the CORE Certification

Is there one that interests you? You are also welcome to suggest another organization, project that has developed training materials for a particular unit.

Selected Responses

Featured image credit: Thank you to @bryanmmathers for his continued support of our quests through his artwork! He shares it with all of us via a Creative Commons (BY-NC-ND) license.

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