The Women of the Commons

Years ago I sat in a global IP conference in Cape Town, inspired by the number of women involved in the open movement.

Now I look at the Creative Commons organisation and see

Being deliberate about recruiting for a gender balance is essential to the active, thriving (occasionally rowdy) community that we’ve built. My work with the library community shows further evidence of women in leadership roles. I’d like to take this opportunity to celebrate the work and the profiles of the women in our movement.

Quest Number 8

Our #CCquests are a chance to hear from our community. The videos, the analysis, the superheroes, and expressions of gratitude, we love any opportunity to hear from you.

Who are the outstanding Women of the Commons? Name and tag your extraordinary female open community member, anyone from Creative Commons, Wikipedia, Open Data, Open Education, Open Journalism, or elsewhere.

As always follow the #CCquest hashtag on Twitter. And please use that tag in any tweets related to the CC Certification (see more ways to stay informed about this project)

Selected Responses

Featured Image credit: Wonder Woman flickr photo by levork shared via a Creative Commons ( BY-SA ) license