CC Certificates are being authored to be adaptable to any delivery mode.

They are capable of being used in a 100% online mode of delivery, a mixed/hybrid mode, or a completely face-to-face mode. Certificate participation can be informal (no certificate sought) or formal (certificate sought), scheduled or unscheduled. We’re aiming to accommodate all these forms of delivery.

Here’s a bit more on how we imagine this working.

Delivery of formal certificate training is done by Creative Commons and its authorized partners. Authorized partners include institutions and organizations who have gone through a “train-the-trainer” process with Creative Commons.

Creative Commons is planning to use a “flipped classroom” approach for formal delivery of the CC Librarian Certificate. The flipped classroom is a pedagogical model in which the typical lecture and homework elements of a course are reversed.

Librarians taking the CC Certificate first engage in online learning to acquire basic knowledge and complete applied learning activities. The librarian certificate is made up of 6 modules with a total of 25-30 online learning units organized sequentially in a learning path. Modules and learning units address Creative Commons related topics and the specialized learning associated with using Creative Commons as a librarian. Each learning unit takes roughly 30 minutes to read and watch videos with additional time needed to complete associated learning activities. Librarians will be required to complete all online learning units to qualify for participation in the face to face, facilitated component of delivery.  

Once online learning has been completed Creative Commons facilitators come on site to deliver a 2 day in person facilitated component of delivery. Using the flipped classroom approach the live in person component of delivery focuses on helping participants generate evidence of learning completion, demonstrate mastery by completing a final assignment for each module, and learn from each other through shared learning activities and discussion. (Note: On site facilitated delivery will be scheduled and done for organizations with numerous librarians seeking certification based on request. Creative Commons will also schedule open enrollment facilitated deliveries at various times throughout the year, usually in association with significant library events and convenings. Based on demand, a live facilitated online version of this component of delivery may also be scheduled.)

Upon successful completion of the online learning and the 2 day facilitated learning activities participating librarians will be invited to assemble and submit evidence of learning to claim their certification. Evidence will be comprised of a personal toolkit, community engagement, applied practice portfolio, and culminating module mastery learning outputs. Submitted evidence will be reviewed by CC certificate facilitators to ensure successful completion of learning outcomes. On confirmation of completion a Creative Commons certificate will be awarded and recipients listed publicly on Creative Commons web site.

We expect to use variations on this method for formal delivery of the educator and government certificates.


Beyond this specific delivery plan for the CC librarian certificate there are other participation and delivery options.

The flexible delivery and participation options include:

  • Informal
  • Formal
  • Scheduled
  • Unscheduled
  • Learn for free
  • Certification for a fee
  • Customized
  • DIY

Here are short descriptions of each of these forms of participation.

Unscheduled Informal

Creative Commons certificate content and learning activities are available online at all times for your use. You can come and go as you please and engage in learning over whatever time period you choose. Unscheduled informal learning is free, no registration or payment is required. Unscheduled learning does not have a facilitator.

Unscheduled Formal

You may start out simply learning about Creative Commons in an unscheduled informal way but at some point if you decide you want to seek certification you can flip to formal. Flipping to formal requires you to complete the learning activities and claim your certificate by submitting evidence of completion. (See descriptions of formal below.) A fee will be required for review of evidence and award of certificate.

Scheduled Informal

On request Creative Commons will provide informal delivery to groups of individuals from the same organization over a scheduled period of days. Scheduled delivery will be led by facilitators and be fee based. Delivery can be online, hybrid, or face-to-face depending on needs. Scheduled informal delivery focuses on engaging participants in acquiring basic knowledge through learning activities relevant to their work. Completion of all learning activities and submission of evidence of completion is not required. No formal certificate will be issued.

Scheduled Formal

On request Creative Commons will provide formal delivery to groups of individuals from the same organization over a scheduled period of days. Scheduled delivery will be led by facilitators and be fee based. Delivery can be online, hybrid, or face-to-face depending on needs. Scheduled formal delivery focuses on an initial online phase engaging participants in acquiring basic knowledge and learning activities relevant to their work. After successful completion of the online learning a 2 day face to face facilitated delivery is scheduled. Completion of learning activities and submission of evidence is required before qualifying to receive the formal certificate.


Special customized training programs can be prepared on request. 


Creative Commons certificates have been authored as Open Educational Resources (OER). The content is available to organizations to reuse and remix. From a technical perspective the content has been produced in the simplest yet most transportable structural format of Markdown. The “master” copies live on Github where Creative Commons can manage and track all versions in one place. Use of GitHub to manage source files makes it possible for anyone to create their own “fork” of that content and add or modify certificate learning materials to fit organizational specific needs. The markdown content can easily be ported into other systems like static html sites, Gitbooks, and directly into WordPress. The idea is to give you multiple ways to DIY customize your own version of CC certificates. If in the process of customization you produce new content you think we should add to the master version you can submit edits back to us via the GitHub fork and push process. DIY versions of certificate training can be created and delivered by anyone but participants will not receive formal certificates from Creative Commons.

By using this approach we aim to provide learning that is open to all and at the same time ensure formal acquisition of a certificate has a level of robustness and learning integrity. Open education in the CC certificate context means Open Educational Resources and open delivery formats that are adaptable and customizable to your specific learning needs.