Paul Stacey

Paul Stacey

Creative Commoner, ping pong, barefoot, people person.

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Delivery Options

CC Certificates are being authored to be adaptable to any delivery mode. They are capable of being used in a 100% online mode of delivery, a mixed/hybrid mode, or a completely face-to-face mode. Certificate participation can be informal (no certificate sought) or formal (certificate sought), scheduled or unscheduled. We’re aiming to accommodate all these forms of […]


#CCQuest04 – Gratitude

Gratitude fuels sharing. Creative Commons is all about building a vibrant, usable commons, powered by collaboration and gratitude. All Creative Commons licenses share the common feature of attribution – requiring others who use a creator’s work to give the original creator credit. This weeks CCQuest goes beyond attribution to gratitude. Have you ever used someone else’s Creative Commons licensed digital […]

Community Participation

Creative Commons Certificates – Potluck Style

Potluck – a meal or party to which each guest contributes a dish. Designs for Creative Commons Certificates have now been generated complete with modules, units, and learning objectives. In education terms we’ve created a syllabus for each of the educator, government, and librarian certificates. The designs start first with a foundation curricula representing all the topics, knowledge, […]