5. CC for Educators

5. CC for Educators

Creative Commons powers the open education movement with tools that help create better, more flexible and sustainable open educational resources (OER), practices, and policies.

Creative Commons licenses are the most popular open licenses among education projects around the world. This unit will introduce you to the specifics of using CC licenses and CC licensed content for education purposes.

This unit has five sections:

5.1 OER, Open Textbooks, and Open Courses

5.2 Finding, Evaluating, and Adapting Resources

5.3 Creating and Sharing OER

5.4 Open Pedagogy / Practices

5.5 Opening Up Your Institution

There are also Additional Resources if you are interested in learning more about any of the topics covered in this unit. Likewise, you may be interested in reading 5.1 (LIB): Open Access to Scholarship, a subchapter included in the CC Certificate for Librarians Course.

You also may wish to consider joining the Creative Commons Open Education Platform. Your input can help us identify, plan, and coordinate multi-national open education content, practices, and policy projects to collaboratively solve education challenges around the world. Be sure to briefly tell us (a) why you’d like to join and (b) who you are – this helps CC avoid accepting spammers.