Unit 5: Creative Commons for GLAM

Unit 5: Creative Commons for GLAM

As the importance of digital cultural heritage increases in our fast-changing information environment, expertise in copyright and open licensing is a crucial asset for the modern GLAM.

Creative Commons licenses and tools are the global standard for open access to  knowledge and culture around the world; CC licenses put the “open” in Open GLAM, Open Education, Open Access, Open Science, and more. This module will introduce you to the specifics of using CC tools and implementing open access initiatives at cultural heritage institutions or programs.

This unit has four sections:

5.1 Open GLAM: Open Access to Cultural Heritage

5.2 Opportunities and Challenges of Open GLAM

5.3 Preparing the Collections

5.4 Opening Up & Sharing Collections and Content

There are also Additional Resources if you are interested in learning more about any of the topics covered in this unit.

Please also consider joining the Creative Commons Open GLAM Platform. As a member, you can help identify, plan, and coordinate multi-national open GLAM practices, and policy projects to collaboratively solve global cultural heritage challenges.