Creative Commons certificates fulfill core and specialized learning needs.

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Core encompasses the full breadth and depth of learning associated with acquiring comprehensive learning about all things Creative Commons.

Specialized certificates combine components of Core with additional role-based learning to fulfill the applied needs of educators, librarians, and government.

Certificate design methodology provides a means for creating additional specialized certificates as needed.  The certificates are modular, flexible and adaptable to different roles and international context.

Certificate learning materials can be used independently for informal learning or formally for those seeking official certification. Formal completion involves submission of a body of evidence created through certificate learning activities.

Certificate designs, learning materials, and participation all use an open source approach.

Creative Commons is openly and publicly sharing certificate designs inviting anyone interested to provide feedback, identify existing resources that can be used in the certificates, suggest learning activities, and express interest in collaborating on development.

Open public sharing is done using GitHub for backend master version control and this WordPress site for public display and feedback. GitHub allows anyone to fork Creative Commons certificates and modify them to create derivative versions that can then be submitted back to Creative Commons for inclusion or used separately for other purposes. The WordPress front end provides a more accessible and inclusive way of making the certificates visible and collecting public feedback in an easy to contribute manner.

Certificate learning materials and activities are openly sourced from across the entire Creative Commons community. Anyone with existing Open Educational Resources (OER) that teach others about Creative Commons can bring their work forward for incorporation into the master version of the certificates. In addition to content we’re also sourcing learning activities and assessments. All contributions are appropriately acknowledged with attribution.

Participation in the certificate involves creating new OER for the certificate itself. This renews, broadens and enhances the certificates continuously over time. The certificates themselves are OER licensed with Creative Commons.

Certificate activities emphasize doing Creative Commons in the real world. This includes applied use of Creative Commons for personal expression and work, social engagement with the commons community, and contributing works to a larger global good.

We’re excited to be collaborating with all of you on creating these certificates in a way that fosters a vibrant, global commons.