Does your institution have an open policy or any policy that includes regulating creating and publishing educational materials? How would you improve them both in writing and how they are implemented?

Gather information about existing policy and try to imagine how you would improve this one on how would you draft a new one. To help you with that start by answering those few questions (you can if want to share the name of the institutions and paste links to adequate documents if available).

  • What rules are already in play in your institution that cover issues like
    • buying content or rights to content,
    • using external educational resources like CC licensed content,
    • publishing educational resources by faculty members,
    • methods of keeping cost level of textbooks and other content for students?
  • How does those affect reusability of educational content by your coworkers and by people outside?
  • Consider what changes for more open rules would be most productive for your institution and describe three or more propositions.
  • How would you plan to support those changes? Create short plan including
    • Stakeholders (faculty, students, librarians, deans, provosts etc.) you would ask for support or have to bring over,
    • proposed support activities and communication actions

Example for "Making your workplace OER friendly with open policies":

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