Search for examples of Creative Commons projects and/or people creating and sharing great content under CC licenses around your work / interests area. Can you drill down and find the individual creator? Can you learn why they share?

A question is: what are the ways / places for find these? Are they shared in your social media streams? via the news / articles you read? from professional / interest groups?

If you do not have your own means of discovery, you might then try the ones mentioned in the CC Core Certification unit on Examples of Licenses in Action.

Look more than finding the resource- what is it’s back story? who is the person / organization behind it? Can you even learn why they have chosen to share their works under CC licenses?

Choose one that you believe your friends and colleagues probably don’t know about but should know.

Prepare a short review (a blog post, medium article, social media share, short video etc.) of that project or person’s work including information how the CC licenses benefits the creator and/or the value it provides to other people.

Example for "Recommend an Uncommon (?) Creative Commons Use Case":

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3 Responses Completed for this Quest

  • My favorite text editor and Code: Version 2.0 (Alfonso Ruiz Velasco Ramírez, @Alfonso_RVR)

    On this post I talk about the text editor atom, its cool creator Chris Wanstrath, and the book Code: Version 2.0

  • The beauty of free software: GnuCash (Rodolfo Lepe Valdez, @rudylepe5)

    For the full post, check my post in which I talked about GnuCash and why it is so cool.

  • VLC open source origin (Francisco Robles, @FranciscoRoblsS)

    This a post about the origin of one open-source software, VLC.

  • Creative Commons License
    This work by Kamil Śliwowski is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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