A Photo of My Dad’s Drafting Table Makes the Cover of a Biology Journal Response

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My Dad used a folding drafting table when he took a correspondence course in construction cost estimation in the 1950s– I have had it since I moved away from home in 1987. When I was re-staining Dad’s table, I posted a creative commons licensed photo of the table to flickre-staining the old table. A Photoshop tutorial site re-used this photos as part of a lesson on how to create an image that looked like a blueprint on the table. Later… Read more »

Request to Author Dave Pell Response

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Dave Pell has an audience of 90,000 readers on Medium.com. His posts are great, and always open with an image, but none are wvery credited or attributed. This light bulb image appears in his piece The Smart Binge, Music, and Book Guide: This image is used in many blog posts, but the source is from CamStock, a stock photo agency. It is not an openly licensed image. I did make my case in a reply, but alas, I got no… Read more »

Radio Station CFBX Response

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I read about an earlier version of WikishootMe in 2014, and tried it when i was spending some time at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, BC. The search tool revealed that a photo was needed to represent the campus radio station, CFB. I was staying right across the street from the station, so it was easy to get a photo of the building. The process was different then (not as automated), but my photo is in MediaWiki Commons as well… Read more »