Quest 3 Response

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I have published several scholarly articles in my field all of which did not share a resource in the Creative Commons licence. However, if some of the cited resources were made available through a CC license, it easier to reuse or remix and share the content more openly. 

Quest 2 Response

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Cassette tapes are an example of media previously only available in physical form. In the advancement of technology, we have streaming platforms for music via Internet, or in subscription based platforms in libraries, like Naxos.

Quest 1 Response

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My interest as an Access Services Librarian is to help faculty navigate copyright issues and gain an understanding of using Creative Commons licenses with open access materials (i.e., open educational resources-OERs). At my institution, we use a textbook rental program which provides a cost-benefit to students. This example can be tied to Ostrom’s second principle – “Match rules governing use of common goods to local needs and conditions.”