shopping Response

Added by Lora A., response for From Physical to Digital Quest

Before the advent of Amazon, shopping was primarily a physical activity. Amazon along with other online retailers have completely changed how we consume and purchase goods. We no longer need to go to a store to browse and purchase goods. Even if we want to “try on” an outfit, we can do that through online imaging of clothing on our particular dimensions.

respect of outside authorities Response

Added by Lora A., response for Give an Example of One of Ostrom’s Eight Principles Quest

Make sure the rule-making rights of community members are respected by outside authorities. This can be difficult if the community is dependent on outside authorities.  Respect is gained and maintained when the community also has resources and talent that are deemed necessary and desirable by outside authorities.  My experience in an academic library is that the “authorities” don’t understand or acknowledge our value, which is disruptive to our “commons”.  We are working on this aspect of our community by creating… Read more »