How Do We Benefit Response

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I made a film once for school, though I did not make it available. If I did make it available, a Creative Commons license would be ideal. First off, it benefits society because they will be able to see the film I made without having to worry about barriers. I would benefit because the more people see the film, the more they become interested in what else I have to offer. It would inspire me to include more works and… Read more »

From Physical to Digital Response

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If somebody wanted to listen to particular songs, they would have to buy the physical CD. This is a private good since only the buyer of the CD has access and the songs are only available to the buyer or those who are in his/her immediate vicinity. Songs are now being made available in digital formats thanks to platforms such as iTunes, Pandora and YouTube. With these platforms, songs do not just have to be played in a CD player…. Read more »

Example of Eight Principles Response

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#1 Define clear boundaries If creating a digital exhibit of materials (assuming copyright has been cleared), institutions may want patrons/viewers to have a certain amount of access. With Creative Commons, institutions could make clear that the images are for viewing only and not for redistribution or commercial purposes. If patrons wish to do redistribute or use for commercial purposes, they would have to get permission from the institution and the copyright holder.

All Too True Response

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Dear Congressman, Please vote no on extending copyright protection. The public domain is vital for the public to find and use creative works without having to worry about restrictions. Many great new works have been created because of the public domain, and we may also revive interest in works that have once been lost or were not deemed significant in its time. By extending the copyright, a barrier is created and creativity will be cut. Please consider this request. Thank… Read more »

How Does Copyright Encourage Creativity? Response

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Announcer1: Hey! Do you have a novel, a film, a piece of music that is uniquely yours? Announcer2: Then you’ll want to know about copyright! Announcer1: Copyright is automatically applied when you create a work, and that copyright provides exclusive rights for you, be them monetary or for just plain attribution. Announcer2: The copyright gives the creator sole rights so the work is uniquely theirs. This could encourage them to create more unique works, or it may inspire them to… Read more »