What If? Video Responses

What might a Creative Commons Certification mean and look like?

We are still in the early design phase, so we asked people to give us ideas from their individual perspective. If you are interested in sharing your thoughts, see how to add your own video

There are 28 videos available-- 6 chosen at random are displayed and the full list follows.

Werner Westermann

Santiago, Chile
Certificaton Interest: CC-EDU

Bill Fitzgerald

Portland, Oregon
Certificaton Interest: CC-CORE

Teresa MacKinnon

Coventry, UK
Certificaton Interest: CC-EDU

Christina & Tara

University of Nevada, Reno
Certificaton Interest: CC-LIB

Jim Luke

West Lansing, Michigan
Certificaton Interest: CC-EDU

Sandy Brown Jensen

Eugene, Oregon
Certificaton Interest: CC-EDU