Tech Development

Exploring a Markdown Converter

Warning: possible technical jargon will follow, all efforts are being made to keep it to a minimum. In our recent presentation at the 2017 Creative Commons Summit I attempted to explain how the content source for the Certificates lives as Markdown format in GitHub (that’s minus two jargon points). Since we have a group of […]

Tech Development

Now With Logos… and more

We have a lot of changes “under the hood” here as well as some new graphic identity for the certificates developed for a “Hack the Cred” presentation by Paul Stacey and Creative Commoners at the recent Open Education Global conference. Now on the front of the site, the project news is pushed down a bit, […]

Design, Open Ideas

The Challenge of Non-Disposable Assignments

I might not refer to making Open Educational Resources (OERs) as “easier” but it is more familiar to educators than the idea of creating Assignments that are not “disposable”. David Wiley described the term “disposable assignments” in a 2013 post on Open Pedagogy. It’s a brilliant approach to talk to educators about designing open materials, […]

Design, General, Open Ideas

Delivery Options

CC Certificates are being authored to be adaptable to any delivery mode. They are capable of being used in a 100% online mode of delivery, a mixed/hybrid mode, or a completely face-to-face mode. Certificate participation can be informal (no certificate sought) or formal (certificate sought), scheduled or unscheduled. We’re aiming to accommodate all these forms of […]


Pathway for librarians

    We had a productive work week in Toronto. If you ever have the opportunity to be locked in a room with David Wiley, Paul Stacey, The Cogdog, Kamil Sliwowski & Olga Belikov I would HIGHLY recommend it. One of the outcomes of our work week was a learning pathway for the Librarian Certificate […]


Thoughts on Ten #CCquests

Since the end of September our team has run 10 weekly Creative Commons (CC) related activities published on this site and to twitter under the #CCquest hashtag. The idea was to create a small challenge around an aspect of CC that could be answered (and shared) in a single tweet. It emerged from our project […]