Pathway for librarians

    We had a productive work week in Toronto. If you ever have the opportunity to be locked in a room with David Wiley, Paul Stacey, The Cogdog, Kamil Sliwowski & Olga Belikov I would HIGHLY recommend it. One of the outcomes of our work week was a learning pathway for the Librarian Certificate […]

Tech Development

Sketched CC Certification Pipeline Publication Flow

We’ve definitely been going down Robert Frost’s lesser travel roads of development for the certifications. tl;nr (too long; nobody reads): A long stream of sketches and linked prototypes interspersed with some technical jargon of how all of this might be stitched together. While the development team is researching and drafting the content for the units, […]


Thoughts on Ten #CCquests

Since the end of September our team has run 10 weekly Creative Commons (CC) related activities published on this site and to twitter under the #CCquest hashtag. The idea was to create a small challenge around an aspect of CC that could be answered (and shared) in a single tweet. It emerged from our project […]

Community Participation, News

Join Our Slack Channel

We have a new community area for people interested in talking about the certification project. Creative Commons recently announced the opening of their new real time conversation place on Slack. It’s quite active and a bit easier to use then the existing IRC channel (though if you love IRC, the two spaces are now connected). […]

Community Participation, Design, Presentations, Tech Development

In the MOOD: Sharing the Certification Project at Open Education 2016

In a presentation last Friday at the 2016 Open Education Conference Paul Stacey and I described the Certification project as “Massive Open OER Development.” MOOD? People who know me know how much I think of acronyms that start with M-O-0… (that was meant to be wry humor) Hearing about @creativecommons 'certificate' prog – awesomeness with […]