“The CC Cert course is a digestible and insightful introduction to the world of open licensing for educators. In addition to well curated content the course offers the opportunity to connect with other educators from around the world.” -Robert Farrow, 2019

“The Creative Commons (CC) certificate course gives you both a solid foundation of knowledge and a practical component that you can utilize in your professional and personal life. For me, this meant filling in the knowledge gaps and conducting a workshop for my village in Ukraine!” -Todd Raschen Lim, 2019

Two of my favorite things about this certificate are: a. You discuss your CC questions and thoughts with others from all over the world, and you find out how your experiences compare and you learn from others, not just the facilitators; and b. The openness of the facilitators each time I wanted to modify my assignment slightly to make it more useful for my own context and goals.” -Bali Maha, 2019

“The course was very valuable with rich content, clear presentation and interactive assignments and discussions. It was highly beneficial, and I acquired a deep knowledge about Creative Commons and its offered licenses. Practically, I will employ this knowledge in enhancing and increasing the awareness among the scholarly community stakeholders in my region ‘Middle East & North Africa.’” -Mohamad Mostafa, 2019

“It was a great pleasure for me to take this course. The way in which it is taught is very helpful for countries where the CC licensing literature is not so vast. This is precisely why more specialized people are needed in this field: cultural production demands it today.  We all think we know something about CC licenses, but this course helps a lot to clear up doubts that at first may seem basic, but they are not. It is a whole universe in itself which needs a specialized and professional guide.” -Julio Zetter Patiño, 2019

“I knew a fair amount about OER and CC before I took this course, but I have now deepened my understanding and also engaged in fascinating discussions with people from the global network. I recommend it to every educator – no matter how much you already know.” -Alison Mead Richardson, 2019 

“The CC Certificate Course gave me the confidence to apply my now in-depth understanding of CC-licensing to my work. Participation in the course has encouraged me to think more deeply about copyright and the power of Creative Commons to liberate knowledge and has inspired me to get involved with the global movement.” -Katya Henry, 2019 

“All the resources and information you could ask for about the creative commons landscape in a collegian, interactive, and rigorous format. Highly recommended.” -Jennifer Collins, Summer, 2019“The Certification course is quite the eye opener. I could not have spent this time understanding CC better. I have greatly enjoyed the structure of the class. The modules were presented with a graduation that allows anyone to find their feet. My facilitator was great – and kept in touch every single week, there is no moment I felt left out. I spent countless hours reading comments from my classmates and the wealth of knowledge and experiences could not be more perfect for me. Thank you CC for the scholarship!” -Brian Ssennoga, 2019

“Take this course and receiving this certificate is the difference between thinking that I understand OA/OER and CC licenses and knowing that I understand!” -Cindy Gruwell, 2019

“This is a course that every educator should undertake! It should be a requirement for teachers, lecturers and policymakers. It is important for anyone working in the world of Open Educational Resources (OER) to gain a good grasp of Creative Commons licences. The course is presented in such a way that one can do the work at times that suit individual time schedules.” -Paul West, 2019 

“This course should be required by all faculty and instructional designers. Critical content. I now make my students learn Creative Commons.” -Robert Gibson, 2019

“I would recommend the course for any interested academic librarian. It was very thoughtfully designed, engaging, and presented clear and reasonable expectations. Thank you for creating this excellent resource and learning opportunity.” -Merinda McLure, 2019

“The Certificate course for Librarians has been a great way to learn more about copyright and  creative commons licenses. The international aspect has been equally rewarding since we live in a global digital environment. If you have an interest in OA and OER, this course ties right in with it. The course is well organized, well paced, and the perfect way to interact with other librarians and educators and learn how copyright law is addressed in many different countries. Creative Commons licenses provide a standardized way to grant copyright permission.” -Susan Tsiouris, 2019

“The CC Certificate course is a practical (and amazing!) way to ground yourself in the open world of CC licenses.  Moving through the course with a group of peers that are invested in learning about how to utilize and apply what we learned back at our own institutions was an inspirational and motivating experience.” -Walter Butler, 2019

“This course was fantastic. Well organized with just the right amount of reading and work. The assignments forced some digging and research, but also allowed a creative approach to the topic which made it fun! I learned so much. It was a great compliment to the SPARC Open Educational Leadership Program that I am also taking.
-Dawn (Nikki) Cannon-Rech, 2019

“I appreciated the opportunity to learn with and from others enrolled in the course as I developed a more robust understanding of CC licenses, open access, and the dedication to growing a population of creators and audiences invested in celebrating curiosity, creativity, collaboration… community.” -Anonymous, 2019

“I registered for this course to be able to better serve the faculty at my university. The CC Certification course accomplished that goal and so much more. My fellow cohorts and facilitator were encouraging and provided well thought out responses. Our section had conversations full of growth and meaningful questions. This course is set up to not just memorize details, but learn and apply those details into real, open resources. I will be using what I learned and the contacts created in this course for the longevity of my career. 10/10 would recommend to anyone working with openly licensed materials.”   -Elizabeth Batte, 2019

“This course has made all the fuzzy parts of copyright, Creative Commons licenses, and OER so much more clear. I feel empowered to advocate for change on my campus, and I know my students will benefit from all I’ve learned. If you want to rethink why you create what you create, why you teach what you teach, and all the pieces in between – this course is for you.” -Sybil Priebe, 2019

“I have had a long love affair with Creative Commons licensing, and worked independently to learn all I could. But I was never confident about what I knew. I was so excited to learn about this certificate program as I wanted something more to help show my knowledge level. This course met and exceeded all my expectations. Be prepared to work, and be sure you can dedicate the time; you’ll need it! But once you finish you’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment and a higher level of knowledge about the open movement and Creative Commons licensing.” -Penny Pearson, 2019

“The CC Certificate course was amazing! I have tried to find and use OER in the past, but I didn’t know how to find the most effective resources or what options I had for customizing the material. Now, I feel confident that I can use this new knowledge to provide accessible, effective OER for my students. Thank you Creative Commons!” -Jessica Traylor, 2019

The content and resources included in the Creative Commons Certificate Course for Librarians are great! I already knew a good bit about CC before taking the course; yet, I was never bored. The course includes the basic concepts and delves into detailed intricacies without being overwhelming.  I appreciated having an engaged instructor and lively discussions with librarians. -Denise Dimsdale, 2019

“Going through the CC Certificate for Educators course was an enjoyable journey for me. (Yes, because learning is a journey!). The course was very well structured, fun, informative, and full of meaningful reflections and useful assignments -renewable assignments rather than disposable assignments-. I felt so productive. Most importantly, the course clarified some misunderstandings I had previously about copyright, CC licenses, and Open Educational Resources. Now I am much more confident to advocate and share my knowledge on these issues in my local contexts.” -Wahya Setioko, 2019 

“I really enjoyed the Creative Commons Certificate for Librarians. It was a great overview of the Creative Commons licenses and the world surrounding it. Through the course assignments, I was able to develop resources that I can reuse in teaching about copyright and Creative Commons licensing.  Relevant feedback was provided by instructors and facilitator, and it’s a great opportunity to dialogue with other librarians around issues related to Creative Commons and Open Access, and Open Educational Resources more generally.” Roger Gillis, 2019

“The Creative Commons Certificate provided me with a fantastic peer-based learning opportunity.  I had a great time learning more about CC, copyright and open values.  I look forward to sharing my knowledge with my peers and getting more involved in the conversation and the community moving forward.”  -Kylie Burgess, 2019

“The Creative Commons Certification program helped me to develop a much more in-depth appreciation of the concepts of copyright, open access, and Creative Commons licenses. It is a sizable time commitment, but the understanding I have developed has been invaluable in helping me as I work to establish an open access institutional repository at the library for the university.  The content of the course and the related links and resources are exceptional.  The discussions have helped me acquire a broader perspective and a better sense of what direction open access needs to take on my campus to catch up with this movement. I found the Uber Webcasts with the lawyers to be especially helpful.  I would recommend this certificate to anyone working with open access resources.” -Sue Czerny, 2019

“Campuses often have well-meaning, enthusiastic volunteers looking to utilize, create, or promote open initiatives like OER or Open Access. An understanding of copyright and CC licenses is often a missing component to the knowledge that could turn that enthusiasm into actionable passion. This course bolstered my knowledge, and I know I’ll be recommending it to those on our campus who know they support the missions, but don’t quite have the nuances and vocabulary around copyright and open licensing down.” -Barry Bailey, 2019


 Selection of 2018 Testimonials: 

I have taken the Creative Commons Certificate for Educators and have enjoyed the course greatly. In my opinion, the course was very well organized, well structured, and very informative. It was great to receive feedback on assignments from the CC Certificate team. It was also helpful to have the opportunity to provide comments on each assignment and to discuss course-related matters on Slack.—Mayya Revzina, Publishing Rights Manager/Copyright Officer, The World Bank (DC, USA)

This course opened doors for me the moment it began, and I see no signs of this stopping. It is a tremendous source of education, opportunity, and inspiration.—Maran Wolston, Faculty (Philosophy) and OER Consultant (Center for Teaching and Learning), Minneapolis Community and Technical College (MN, USA)

The course content is well organized. The topics in this course almost cover the entire ecosystem of Openness. Excellent references and case studies. I highly recommended this course for open education practitioners and the ones who are willing to join the open movement. The support and feedback provided by the course staff are commendable. Completing the performance assessments and sharing it with others gave me a sense of satisfaction.—Lokesh Rajendran, Project Manager, SHMS – Saudi OER Network, National Center for e-Learning (Saudi Arabia)

The CC Certificate course gave me the opportunity to learn more about the intricacies of license compatibility. But it was more than that: through the course and conversations with my fellow classmates, I came away with new ideas for opening up my community.—Colleen Cressman, Project Coordinator, Harvard Library Office for Scholarly Communication (MA, USA)

“A well structured and diverse course. Do you think you know everything about Creative Commons? Well, enroll in this programme and see if you can pass the quizzes. I guarantee you that you will have some surprises and, for sure, you will learn new things.” —George Hari Popescu, Project Manager at TRUSTED.RO, Romania

“I wasn’t sure at first if I should take this course because I thought I knew a lot about Creative Commons and CC licenses already. I’m very glad I did take the course because I learned quite a bit more than I had already known. The information is just the right amount, with lots of additional resources if one wants to go further. The assignments were particularly helpful in solidifying my understanding and providing resources that I can reuse in my own advocacy work!”—Christina Hendricks, Professor of Teaching (Philosophy), University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

“The course took the general information about Creative Commons I had already acquired and expanded it into areas that I’d not experienced such as open resources. It rounded out an incomplete mental picture. If you already know something about CC, this will take you farther, but if you are new to CC you’ll leave with a working knowledge and the resources to grow your own mental map.”—Carol Simpson, Assoc. Professor, University of North Texas College of Information, USA

“The fundamentals of copyright, open licensing, and cultures and technologies of sharing creative intellectual products are of absolutely fundamental importance in the everyday lives of scholars and educators today. Creative Commons’ Certificate Program is an intensive but engaging and illuminating way to master these intricacies. This stuff is so important and the CC Cert Program is so powerful that I encourage every single educator and educational policy person I know to take it!” Jonathan Poritz, Associate Professor of Mathematics (and open textbook author … as well as Chair of the Colorado Open Educational Resources Council), USA

“I’m so glad I got the chance to take the CC Certificate for Librarians course in its beta version. It has been an amazing learning experience. As somebody who leads our OER initiative on campus, the opportunity to learn more about Creative Commons licenses on a much deeper level, engage with our instructor and the rest of the cohort to dispel our misconceptions about the licenses enabled me to  have a better understanding of what each CC license means.”—Regina Gong, Librarian and OER Project Manager, Lansing Community College,  USA

“This certification is a ‘must have’ for librarians working with Open Access and Open Educational Resources.  The content is thorough and engaging, and you will feel your confidence growing as you work with the CC licenses each week.”—Jennifer Cournoyer, Director of Library Services, Quinebaug Valley Community College, USA

“I work with minority language speakers as they promote and develop their languages.  For the literacy division of our organization, using CC licenses is already a standard procedure, but I wasn’t aware of this until recently.  I would like to help develop a consistent way to consolidate our knowledge of Open Education Resources and OER ideals within our organization.”—Anonymous

“The peek I had into Open Education Resources was exciting and inspiring! OER can be the building blocks in a movement to change the way education and literacy are done around the world, providing access to those who are cut off due to lack of finances, while at the same time empowering them to adapt resources to fit their needs and cultures or create their own new resources.”—Anonymous