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#CCquest 10: Explain it Like I’m Five? Difference Between Open Source and Creative Commons

Is it all about the licenses? Many explanations of Creative Commons make it sounds simple, walk through the questions of the chooser, and out plops the correct license. Go share. It does work well. But deeper understanding often leads to greyer area, where the answers spiral down to technical and jargon related insider language. We […]

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#CCquest 09 – Best examples of explaining Creative Commons in a visual form?

Join our #CCquest on Twitter this week by promoting best visual examples on how to explain the idea of the commons and/or Creative Commons licenses. Do you know of photos, infographics, memes, comics, GIFs that do this well? No matter in what language and how professionally or spontaneously created, we seek visuals that are useful in […]

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Join Our Slack Channel

We have a new community area for people interested in talking about the certification project. Creative Commons recently announced the opening of their new real time conversation place on Slack. It’s quite active and a bit easier to use then the existing IRC channel (though if you love IRC, the two spaces are now connected). […]

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In the MOOD: Sharing the Certification Project at Open Education 2016

In a presentation last Friday at the 2016 Open Education Conference Paul Stacey and I described the Certification project as “Massive Open OER Development.” MOOD? People who know me know how much I think of acronyms that start with M-O-0… (that was meant to be wry humor) Hearing about @creativecommons 'certificate' prog – awesomeness with […]

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#CCQuest06 – Which Creative Commons CORE certification unit would you adopt?

This week’s #CCquest on Twitter is to identify which units of the proposed CORE Creative Commons Certification you or your organization have expertise in or interest to help fill with content. Paul Stacey recently asked A Community Sourced Credential – Is It Even Possible? including the concept of a six sized cube to represent the […]

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#CCQuest05 – Explain Creative Commons to your parents, kids, friends, strangers on the street…

Join our #CCquest on Twitter this week by showing off how you explain Creative Commons to other people. Creative Commons licenses can sometimes be easier to use than to explain. How exactly do they work? How they fix or maybe fit into current copyright system? How do you convince someone that sharing can be better […]