Kearney: Creative Commons sharing Response

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While working as a research scientist, none of my work was licensed under a CC license.  At the time, it was not in my best interest to do so in order to get promoted.  However, I realize now that sharing my nonproprietary work (e.g. plots, figures, diagrams, etc.) would have actually been useful to me and my scientific community in terms of increasing knowledge and increasing my personal impact on the field.

Kearney: Physical to Digital Response

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Money. In the digital age money has moved even further from a physical object that has been deemed valuable.  It is now a digital number that is transferred via the internet using cards and accounts.  Money was once a private good.  There is only so much gold in the world, only so many dollar bills in circulation, etc. Due to the internet and the idea of being able to replicate or alter values in accounts, etc. it is now a… Read more »

Kearney: Example of Ostrom's Principles Response

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As a Science and Engineering Librarian, I am interested in open access journals and the sharing of information and data collected using public funds.  In particular, I see the push for open access as a push for growth in commons whereby boundaries emplaced by the market are being challenged. The peer review process abides by many of the Ostrom Pribciples; however, it is within a market driven environment managed by for profit publishers.  Open access publishing supports Principle 3 which states  “Ensure that… Read more »